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Welcome to Goshen, NY, Fire Department
The NFPA has put together a Family Fun site with games, trivia, activities and more. Check it out , you may even learn about fire prevention and safety....http://www.nfpa.org. Click on the Safety Information tab. Click on For Kids 1.

The U.S. Fire Administration would like to remind you of some important fire safety and prevention information.

  • Plan and practice escape plans several times a year.
  • Make sure your whole family knows when and how to call emergency telephone numbers.
  • Obtain and learn how to use a fire extinguisher.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors & smoke detectors
  • Consider installing residential fire sprinklers in your home.


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Holiday Fire Safety Choosing the Right Fire Extinguisher Turkey Fryers
Household Fire Extinguishers

In addition to working smoke detectors, every household should have UL Listed fire extinguishers strategically placed in rooms such as the kitchen, garage or workshop.

Don't just hang your extinguisher on the wall or in the cupboard! Plan ahead, read the instruction manual and know your extinguisher's capabilities before trying to fight a fire. Portable fire extinguishers are useful for putting out small fires, but recognize your limits and the limits of the extinguisher.

Using the wrong type of extinguisher on a fire can actually make it spread so it's important to plan ahead when purchasing and placing fire extinguishers.

There are four types of household extinguishers:

The manufacturer's use and care booklet provides guidance on the type and size of fire with which your extinguisher may be used. The booklet also provides tips on how to properly use and maintain your extinguisher.


  Extinguisher rating Intended use
  Type A For use on fires involving combustible materials such as wood, cloth and paper.
  Type B For use on flammable liquid fires, including kitchen grease. Never use water on this type of fire!
  Type C For use in fires involving energized electrical equipment.
  Type ABC  Works on all three types of fires listed above.

Here's some basic rules to keep in mind when dealing with household fire extinguishers:

If a fire breaks out, your first step is to call the fire department and get everyone out of the house. If the fire is not spreading and is confined to a small area, use the appropriate type extinguisher for the fire. Know both your limits and the fire extinguisher's limits.

Periodically inspect your extinguishers to determine if they need to be recharged or replaced. Extinguishers need to be recharged or replaced after each use -- even if you haven't used all the extinguishing agent.

When using a portable extinguisher, keep your back to an unobstructed exit that is free from fire.

Check the manufacturer's instructions for operating guidelines, including proper distance between the extinguisher and fire. Always aim at the base of the fire.

Portable Fire Extinguishers have limited capabilities against small fires. However, if used properly, an extinguisher can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or containing it until firefighters arrive. Fire extinguishers are not designed to for use on large or spreading fires. Even on small fires, they are effective only under the following circumstances:

It must be rated for the type of fire being extinguished.

It must be large enough for the fire at hand.

It must be in good working order, fully charged and within easy reach.

The user must be trained in the proper use of the extinguisher.

The user must be physically capable of lifting, handling and operating the extinguisher.



Check this section of our website each & every time you visit us to keep up with the latest news from the Department & District as well as website updates.

Filled with helpful links and information of fire safety and preventions tips. There are games for the kids and downloadable educational flyers.

Visit our Multimedia Gallery to see us in action, training, at incidents and marching proudly in pardes. There are also interesting links to more multimedia.

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